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As you age, your skin

As you age, your skin really does change. I used to have oily skin, and now it seems so dry and scaly and have had a lot of problems with allergies that affect the eyes (they swell, itch and are very red). I made an appointment for a vitamin C facial thinking this was what I might need. Maxi took me back and we talked about what I had been experiencing. She asked if we could totally change what I originally thought I needed. Absolutely!! She took a lot of time and asked me questions, looked at my skin, gave me one of the best facials I have ever had. The hydration for my skin was so important and has made a huge difference. It’s like night and day! I have completely switched all of my facial care products to Maxi’s recommendation and the outcome has been amazing. Getting a facial with Maxi and Harmony Medical Spa will be a routine appointment for me. The entire staff is so very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them!

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