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Facial hair is something I

Facial hair is something I thought I would just have to accept as my mother, aunts and grandmother all had. After having a baby I was so self conscious about it because it had become thicker and darker 😭. I decided that I wasn’t just going to pluck, shave or wax my life away as these were starting to make my skin look terrible! So I took the first step in laser hair removal and luckily I’m a pretty ideal candidate -fair skin that burns easily and dark hair. After meeting Dr. Crosby and developing a plan I felt so excited to start treatments. After the first treatment I started noticing a difference, I’ve had 2 treatments and the difference is amazing. Maxi the aesthetician that has performed my first two treatments has been awesome, she made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions and took time to make sure I was comfortable. I would highly recommend Harmony Medical Spa to any of my friends or family looking to have any appearance enhancements, everyone from the ladies that run the check in and out desk, to the physicians and aestheticians have provided excellent service.

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